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A very brave first grader in north Texas managed to save his entire family when he woke up one night to see flames licking at his bed.

That was when seven-year-old Damian Grimsley sprung into action.

Jumping to his feet, the little boy screamed as loud as he could and dashed around the flames toward his parents’ bedroom, his family said.

“Daddy, the house is on fire!” Damian called.

By the time his father Thomas tried to put out the blaze, it had gotten too big. The parents woke up their other two young children – and all five escaped, just in the nick of time.

Within about 15 minutes, the entire house was gone, the Grimsleys told Fox 4.

Investigators haven’t yet determined what exactly caused the fire.

But Damian’s family says they’re just thankful to still be alive – and have each other.

“I’m just glad he’s my brother,” said Zephyr Grimsley, Damian’s sister. “I’m a very lucky sister.”

Watch more of this inspiring story via Fox 4, above.

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