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It’s been seven months since Ziba the Rottweiler was hit by a car in Davis, California.

The puppy sustained extensive injuries, leaving her face and jaw fractured in four different places.

“Just crushed under it,” described Ziba’s owner, Phillip Raffle.

Doctors say that had the accident happened 10 years ago, Ziba most likely would have had to be put down.

But now – thanks to surgeons at the University of California Davis’ Vet Hospital, and advances in what's known as 3D mapping – you wouldn’t even know the dog had suffered a near-fatal car crash.

Doctors say the new technology helps them pinpoint what needs to be done, and where.

“The key is 3D mapping, we are able to work as a team and be far more accurate and have the exact specialist work with us as a team,” said Dr. Boaz Arzi.

Currently, specialists at UC Davis’ Vet Hospital say only one or two other animal hospitals in the world have the capacity to perform the novel surgery.

Watch more in Fox 40's report, above.

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