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Donald Trump's address to supporters in Exeter, New Hampshire, was interrupted by a protester who shouted at him about illegal immigration. 

"They're the backbone of our country!" the woman shouted.

"The backbone of our country? I don't think so, darling," he responded.

"You know what the backbone of our country is? People that came to this country legally and they worked their a** off and they've made the country great. That's the backbone," he said to cheers.

Trump joined Fox and Friends this morning by phone, discussing that moment and Tuesday's crucial primary. 

He denied reports, following his Iowa Caucus loss, that he has declined to spend money on ground operatives to get out the vote.

Ahead of the debate tomorrow night, some of the candidates, along with Mitt Romney, have urged ABC to allow Carly Fiorina onto the stage. 

Trump said that although Fiorina did not meet the polling requirements, he'd be "okay" with Fiorina participating.

Watch the interview above.

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