Donald Trump faced a "flurry of criticism" after postponing a town hall event in New Hampshire due to a snow storm.

Trump returned home on Thursday night rather than staying in New Hampshire. When the snow came this morning, Trump wasn't able to fly in and make the event.

The Cruz and Bush campaigns said not braving the storm demonstrated a lack of commitment to New Hampshire voters.

Charles Krauthammer said on Kelly File that the attacks won't make a difference.

The GOP frontrunner has held the top spot on more than sixty polls taken since mid-July.

"In the end, Trump is still ahead...and there's no denying that he's got the best chance and is likely to win. What the race is about is all the other candidates are scrambling to come in second and third."

Megyn Kelly asked if it felt "a little desperate" for the other candidates to fixate so greatly on whether Trump was able to fly in.

"I bet all of these guys would like to stay in their home if they had a private plane that could fly them home," she said.

"It's a little amusing," Krauthammer agreed.

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