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Prank callers have been able to convince fast food workers to break restaurant windows in several locations in order to prevent a gas explosion.

At least two of these incidents have occurred in Arizona, while another happened in northern California. The calls are reportedly occurring all over the West Coast.

In the hoax, the caller pretends to be from the fire department and instructs workers to immediately break the windows and evacuate the building due to a gas leak. 

At a Burger King in Morro Bay, California, a restaurant manager drove his car through a front window, causing $35,000 in damage.

And a Tucson, Arizona, Jack In The Box is also now closed after employees threw rocks through the windows, thinking it was necessary to prevent an explosion.

At a Phoenix-area Wendy's last weekend, employees also threw rocks through the windows due to the prank call. 

The Phoenix fire department said it would never make such a phone call and that if there is ever a gas leak, you'd smell it.

If that does happen, call 911.

Watch the FOX Phoenix report above.

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