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The issue of paying off the country's massive national debt was the topic of heated discussion between Bill O'Reilly and Republican candidate Donald Trump on tonight's O'Reilly Factor.

Trump said that the latest budget deal will lift the currently $19 trillion national debt to $21 trillion.

"We're getting to be a large-scale version of Greece," he said.

O'Reilly asked Trump how he planned to tackle it.

Trump responded that he would create a "dynamic economy" that would be bring back jobs lost to China, Mexico, Japan and Vietnam.

"But you still owe them money," O'Reilly remarked. "So you bring it back, how are you going to get the debt down?"

Trump said that growing the the economy would make it possible to pay back, saying "it's easy to pay it back."

He said he would make the U.S. like a "profit-making corporation with a big fat beautiful heart."

O'Reilly again pressed him to explain how fixing the economy would impact the debt and raised the question of taxes.

"Even if you gin the economy up, how does that pay down $21 trillion?" he asked. "You have to take money from the corporations and people to do it."

Trump responded that higher taxes aren't the answer, and have already driven jobs out of the country.

"The problem we have is our taxes are so high -- everybody's choking."

He continued: "We are going to create a dynamic economy where real jobs are going to be pouring into the country and we'll have a country that's sustainable. It'll work, Bill."

"The debt is still on the books," O'Reilly said.

"But you're going to slowly pay down the debt," Trump said.

Trump also confirmed to O'Reilly that he would be at the next Fox News debate on March 3.

Watch the interview above.

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