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A top election official in Nashville, Tennessee has resigned after responding to a female reporter's questions by calling her the b-word.

In the interview, WSMV-TV reporter Alanna Autler called out Davidson County Election Commission Chairman Ron Buchanan on purchases that were made using an official credit card.

Those purchases included hundreds of dollars in meals at local “upscale” restaurants, as well as extravagant office decorations, according to the report.

Autler asked Buchanan about it on Friday.

“Can you explain the picture frame that’s at $600?” she said.

“That’s it,” he said, walking away.

“That’s exactly the b***h I thought you would be,” he added.

Buchanan resigned from his post three days later, on Monday.

Mayor Megan Barry has since also ordered an audit of spending for the county’s Election Commission, WSMV-TV reports.

Watch the interview above, and read more, here.

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