#TrumperTantrum: Cruz Unloads After Trump Accuses Him of Cheating

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By getting into a fight over the results of the Iowa Caucus, Donald Trump is making a "huge political miscalculation," Andrea Tantaros explained this afternoon. 

Trump went after Ted Cruz yesterday for alleged voter fraud, arguing that the "disgraceful" tactics may have cost him first place. 

Cruz went right back at Trump, calling it a "tantrum" and saying Trump "is losing it" after failing to win the caucus. 

On Outnumbered, Tantaros said Trump is pursuing the wrong strategy ahead of Tuesday's crucial New Hampshire primary. 

She said voters right now, especially women in New Hampshire, are looking for a "softer tone" and that Trump doesn't need to go on the attack, since he has a big lead in the polls there. 

"He's dragging Iowa into New Hampshire, which is not rational. I think it's a huge political miscalculation. ... He thinks that Cruz voters are naturally his voters, but what he doesn't understand is Cruz isn't a threat to him in New Hampshire," said Tantaros.

Instead of attacking, she said Trump needs to learn a lesson from what happened in Iowa, and focus on doing town halls and shaking hands with voters in New Hampshire. 

Julie Roginsky agreed that Trump "sounds like a sore loser" after Iowa, which is damaging his campaign "aura" of being a winner.

Judge Alex Ferrer said Trump's accusations are "extremely damaging" to Cruz, however, since the senator has positioned himself as being outside the establishment. 

He said voters may see the Cruz campaign's actions as "politics as usual."

Watch the discussion above.

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