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What’s it like to play the man who pulled off one of the greatest financial cons in American history? 

Richard Dreyfuss and Blythe Danner, who plays Ruth Madoff, gave Mornings with Maria an inside look at their roles in “Madoff,” a new miniseries depicting the rise and fall of the infamous Bernie Madoff.

“Actors rarely get a chance to play someone so vivid and complex and simple and straightforward and so impactful,” Dreyfuss told Maria Bartiromo.

“Who’s the guy who changed the world? Bernie Madoff.”

While actors often try to meet with the people they’re playing onscreen to prepare for the role, Dreyfuss revealed that he’d actually turned down the chance to talk to Madoff.

“He couldn’t and wouldn’t tell me the things he wouldn’t tell his wife and his children,” he explained.

“He wouldn’t tell me the things he wouldn’t tell the federal prosecutors. So if he’s not going to tell me that, and he’s not going to tell me his legal strategy, then why am I on the phone with him?”

Danner, on the other hand, called her meeting with Ruth Madoff “quite revelatory” and “extraordinary.”

“When I met her, we were both sort of vibrating with emotion,” she said. “How do you talk to someone who’s lost both of their children? Have insight into that?”

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