NYC Subway Rider Gives Shirt Off His Back to Shivering Man

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An Indiana woman’s show of sympathy for a homeless woman in Chicago is attracting lots of attention online.

Kelly McGuire shared the encounter - and the unexpected act of kindness she got in response - after traveling to the Windy City for a Bears game in early January.

After the game, played in sub-freezing temperatures, McGuire and her friends went to get pizza. When she got inside, she took off all her winter gear and placed it into a bag.

As the group got set to leave, McGuire said she was "drawn" to a homeless woman named Amy, who was shivering and had a cardboard sign asking for warm clothing.

“Immediately I knew that this was providential timing and that I was supposed to give her the winter boots straight off of my feet,” she wrote.

McGuire decided to give Amy her boots and the bag of clothes. But it was the homeless woman's generosity in return that stuck with her.

Then, “I started to walk away and she said, ‘I don't want your feet to be cold, can I give you my "old" boots?’”

“She who had nothing, offered me these boots. HER boots. I wore them all the way home.”

McGuire, who quoted a Bible verse at the end of her story, said she hopes to encourage other people to pay it forward.

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