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Days away from Super Bowl 50, Carolina Panthers star quarterback Cam Newton became visibly bothered during a press conference when he was asked a series of questions about African-American quarterbacks.

"It's not an issue," Newton told a reporter when asked about the stereotype of black quarterbacks. "It's an issue for you."

"This game is bigger than black, white or even green," Newton said. "I think we limit ourselves when we just label ourselves just black, this, that and the third."

On "The Five," Juan Williams acknowledged that race does play a role in America, but what most people object to about Newton isn't his skin color, but his flashy style, outlandish celebrations and his demonstrative presence on the field.

Brian Kilmeade pointed out that Johnny Manziel was criticized for flashing his "money" gestures.

"That wasn't because he was white," Kilmeade said. "They were outraged because he was cocky and a quarterback."

Meghan McCain pointed out that this is the fourth Super Bowl in a row that has featured a black quarterback, and at the end of the day what players and franchises want to do is win.

Watch the co-hosts of "The Five" react above.

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