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Dr. Ben Carson went "On The Record" tonight to discuss the fallout from a Ted Cruz campaign staffer spreading the false rumor to Iowa caucus-goers that Carson was dropping out of the presidential race.

"This was not a minor, little incident, as they try to make it out to be," Carson said, pointing out that the rumor was spread to more than 1,500 caucus sites.

He said he's not concerned if it was legal or illegal, but rather if it's right or wrong.

"To take advantage of a situation like that and to confuse and create anxiety amongst voters, I really never would do such a thing," Carson said. "This was absolutely deliberate ... The real question is: Is anything going to be done about it, or is it politics as usual?"

Carson said if Cruz doesn't take any action against the staffer responsible, that means he condones it.

"If he condones it, what else will he condone?"

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