'Sticker Kid' Steals the Show at Hillary's Post-Iowa Caucus Speech

Bernie or Hillary? Some Iowa Caucus Sites Had to Flip a Coin

UPDATE 2:48 pm ET: Ed Henry reported live from Dover, New Hampshire that the Sanders campaign doesn't seem to be planning to contest the results.

"They think he did quite well in Iowa, even though he finished second," Henry said on The Real Story

“They don’t want it to look like sour grapes."

Speaking to reporters, however, Sanders did say that “people in Iowa are taking a look” at rumors of misconduct during the Democratic Caucuses Monday.

“I don’t want to misspeak here, but it may be the case that some delegates were selected based on a flip of a coin,” said the Vermont senator.

“Not the best way to do democracy.”


Bernie Sanders’ supporters confronted an Iowa democratic caucus chair and precinct captain about potentially miscounting their group’s votes, new video reportedly shows.

Footage of the caucus, purportedly held at Roosevelt High School in Des Moines’ Polk County, was posted on C-Span on Monday and aired on Fox and Friends this morning.

The clip begins with caucus leaders tallying up the votes inside the crowded site, appearing to go over how many people had left and how many had been accounted for.

“Does that add up right?” one woman asks.

“I don’t think so,” a man replies.

“Somebody must have left,” we hear.

We then see a voter tell them, “You didn’t count me.”

After some discussion, voters dressed in Bernie Sanders T-shirts also tell caucus leaders they had “recounted” some people in the group.

"People could have left, so that's not accurate," one woman says. 

"We want to make sure they counted everyone," another says.

Despite the confusion, the caucus chairs did not end up recounting, Heather Nauert said.

Hillary Clinton the next day was announced the winner of Iowa by 0.3 percent - the closest Democratic contest in Iowa’s history.



Bernie Sanders’ campaign now says they will be speaking to the state’s Democratic Party officials to ensure that results were accurately tabulated.

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