'Trumper-Tantrum': Cruz Unloads After Trump Accuses Him of Cheating

'I'm Tired of Deception & No Consequences': Carson Calls on Cruz to Fire Staffer

On On the Record, Donald Trump elaborated on how he thought Ted Cruz "stole" the Iowa caucuses.

Trump said Cruz committed fraud when he sent out official-looking "voting violation" letters to Iowa residents and knowingly spread a false rumor that Ben Carson had dropped out of the race.

"I think what he did is disgusting...I think it was a disgrace that he did it, and I don't think it should be even allowed. I think those votes should be taken away, and there were plenty of them."

He suggested that the votes that went to Cruz as a result of these tactics might have gone to himself and led him to win.

Trump also accused Cruz of pushing a falsehood that he supports Obamacare.

"He really lies. I now know how why theres not one U.S. senator who's supporting him...and why everybody considers him to be not a very nice person."

Trump continued: "What he did to Ben Carson was a disgrace...Everybody knew he didn't quit and Cruz knew he didn't quit...And after the election was over, he apologized to him. A lot of good that does."

When asked by Greta Van Susteren whether it could have been a mistake and not dirty tricks, Trump said that Cruz did it on purpose.

Watch the full interview above.

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