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Marco Rubio joined Sean Hannity tonight to weigh in on a variety of topics, including complaints from Ben Carson's campaign that a Ted Cruz staffer spread the false rumor that Carson would be dropping out of the race to Iowa caucus-goers.

Rubio explained that people on the ground in Iowa related to the Cruz campaign were telling voters at caucus sites that Carson was dropping out in the hopes that they would switch their vote to Cruz.

"We heard it from a handful of people at some of the caucuses we went to as well that they had been told that," Rubio revealed.

He noted that Cruz has apologized for his campaign’s actions, and although Carson accepted the apology, the retired neurosurgeon is still upset and wants Cruz to fire the staffer behind the spread of the false information.

"I think, to me, it’s an indication of a campaign that’s willing to say or do anything in order to win, and it’s troubling and unfortunate. I think Ben deserves more than that."

"It's one of those unfortunate things that happens. And an unfair thing, really."

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