Ted Cruz Wins Iowa Republican Caucus

Clinton and Sanders Too Close to Call

On "The Kelly File" tonight, Judge Andrew Napolitano said that Donald Trump doesn't have a legal case to back up his claim that the Ted Cruz campaign committed voter fraud in Iowa and that the caucus results should be nullified.

Trump had ripped into Cruz for supposedly misleading voters about Ben Carson’s decision to leave Iowa early, as well as a Cruz campaign mailer telling Iowans whether or not they had voted in previous elections.

Judge Napolitano pointed out that the Iowa caucus wasn't an election and wasn't run by the government.

"This was a contest within a private group called the Republican Party of Iowa," Judge Napolitano said, explaining that means that the general laws that would apply to an election don't apply in this case.

He added that politics is a rough-and-tumble world, and courts are not going to second-guess words that are used during a campaign, such as a Cruz campaign staffer's statements about Carson ending his presidential bid.

As for the Cruz campaign mailer, Judge Napolitano said that there is no way to prove that it coerced people to vote, let alone vote for a particular candidate.

"No lawyer would take the case," Judge Napolitano stated, concluding that there is "no legal basis" for Trump's claims of voter fraud.

"End of the story."

Get more insight from Judge Napolitano in the "Kelly File" clip above.

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