Trump: I Now See Why No One in the Senate Likes Ted Cruz

Does Trump Have the Law on His Side Against Cruz? Judge Nap Says No

Former vice presidential candidate and Donald Trump supporter Sarah Palin slammed Ted Cruz on her Facebook page, writing about "the lack of accountability" and "the lies" of the Cruz campaign following the controversies surrounding the Iowa caucuses.

Trump and his supporters have accused Cruz of voter fraud for falsely telling caucus-goers that retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson was leaving Iowa and dropping out of the presidential race.

On "The Kelly File," Cruz supporter Glenn Beck said that the Cruz campaign did nothing wrong, and they were merely passing along the information that they received from CNN's reporting.

Beck said that Trump's candidacy is destructive and is causing conservatives to turn on one another.

He pointed out that Trump had previously said that Carson can't be president because "he calls everybody liars," but now Trump is calling Cruz a liar, while defending Carson.

"We are being turned on each other - and there’s no reason to be turning on each other," Beck told Megyn Kelly. "A circus performer is turning the conservatives against one another. You couldn’t have planned this better if you were a DNC operative!"

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