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A man who was just caught brazenly stealing from a Florida Wal-Mart is sparking outrage after surveillance images show he’d brought his young daughter in on it.

Police say the man decided to simply walk out of the store in Winter Haven one day without paying for anything.

But apparently that wasn’t enough for Tommy Amador Jr., who investigators say had brought his daughter along as a partner in crime.

They say the dad rehearsed a “backup plan” with his daughter in case they were caught, instructing her to lie about throwing the receipt away so there would be no paper trail.

As it turns out, Amador had forgotten about the store’s surveillance cameras.

The dad – embracing his daughter – was caught on camera carrying out several items, including a large motorized toy.



Authorities and local shoppers said they were appalled by the shameless involvement of his little girl.

“Involving a child in some kind of criminal activity is absolutely unforgivable and we will make you pay for it,” said Public Information Officer Jamie Brown.

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