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Comedian Colin Quinn dropped by "The Factor" tonight to weigh in on the 2016 race and the Republican and Democratic front-runners.

Donald Trump

"You ever watch that movie 'Trading Places,' where they go, 'Let's make a bet'? I think that's what Trump's plan was, like, 'I bet I can run for president and do pretty good.' And now he's caught in the middle and he doesn't know how to get out."

Ted Cruz

"He's very religious for my taste, and he's also very nasal ... Nobody wants to listen to anyone droning for four years. You know what I'm saying?"

Hillary Clinton

"I don't think she's looking to be liked by anybody. She's hardened. No world leader can charm her or fool her. That's her strength."

Bernie Sanders

"Here's the problem with Bernie. He's been in Vermont all these years. So being senator in Vermont, it's like being senator of Crate and Barrel ... Everything's set up perfectly there. You can't mess up."

Watch the hilarious "Factor" interview above.

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