Rubio Hits Back After Christie Calls Him the 'Boy in the Bubble'

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Today on Your World, Chris Christie called Marco Rubio "protected and coddled" and repeated his call for the Florida senator to come "out of the bubble."

Christie said Rubio has shielded himself with tightly controlled town hall meetings and hasn't done the hard work of earning people's vote in New Hampshire.

He said: "Senator Rubio has had a strategy: Don't offend, don't work too hard in any one particular place, don't be exposed too much. It sounds like he's in the witness protection program.

"It's time to get the boy out of the bubble...and start fighting for votes."

He said that the media shouldn't be trying to anoint him as the person who is going to be one of the last three people in the primary race.

"If they're [anointing him], what I want to remind them is this is a guy that hasn't answered questions."

Neil Cavuto said that Rubio takes an average of 20 questions at his town hall meetings.

Christie said that Rubio does "drive-by" town halls and doesn't go in-depth with his answers.

"60 second answers won't stop America's problems," he said.

Watch the interview above.

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