CO Homeowner Could Be Charged After Shooting Fleeing Armed Robber

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A 92-year-old World War II veteran's gun came in handy when an ax-wielding intruder broke into his California home over the weekend.

After the burglar smashed Joe Milspaugh's window, the elderly man fired a single shot.

Though he said he could have shot the would-be robber as he was attempting to crawl inside, Milspaugh said he fired into the wall, hoping the suspect would run away.

The intruder dropped the ax and his hat and quickly took off.

Milspaugh, a former LAPD mechanic, said he has owned the handgun for decades and still goes to the shooting range to practice.

Authorities in San Jacinto are still looking for the intruder.  

Read more here, and watch the local report above.

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