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You might've heard some of the pundits refer to the razor-thin Iowa Democratic Caucus race as a coin-flip. 

But - as Shannon Bream just reported on The Real Story - some caucus precincts literally had to flip a coin to determine which candidate would be declared the winner. 

The AP has now called the Iowa race in favor of Hillary Clinton, as she bested Bernie Sanders by just .03% and garnered four more state delegates.

Bream said that some precincts were reporting a tie between the two, so they reached out to party officials about what to do. 

At least five precinct sites then flipped a coin. 

Here's a clip posted to Facebook from Davenport after the caucus-goers there evenly split.


Many on social media are pointing out Clinton's incredible luck: she won six out of six!

Read more on the coin flips, via Boston Globe.

Watch Shannon's report above.

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