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Donald Trump took to Twitter this morning to criticize what he sees as unfair coverage by the media of his second-place finish in Iowa. 

After a 14-hour absence from social media, "The Donald" argued that he was originally viewed as a longshot in Iowa, but managed to finish second and record the second-most votes ever in the caucus.

Rich Lowry responded on Outnumbered this afternoon, saying the bottom line is Trump lost and that voters moved away from him in the final week of the campaign. 

"There's a reason his support collapsed," said Lowry, arguing that the entrance poll data showed late-deciding voters opting for Cruz and Rubio after Trump skipped last week's debate in Iowa.

Shortly after putting out a much-publicized anti-Trump issue, the National Review editor said Cruz won the old-fashioned way, by getting conservatives to vote. 

"[Trump] lost because conservatives made the case that he's not a conservative," Lowry said. 

Andrea Tantaros pointed out the "establishment spin" that seems to be emerging this morning. 

"This is the logic I'm hearing from you. Third place is a win, second place is a loss, and first place is irrelevant," she said.

Melissa Francis said the result appears to show once again that "money rules the day" in elections, highlighting the huge margin by which Cruz outspent Trump in the state.

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