WATCH: Clinton, Sanders Rally Supporters After Razor-Thin Win for Hillary

Judge Nap: Hillary Should Be More Worried About the FBI Than About Sanders

Though Hillary Clinton has been trumpeting a razor-thin win in the Iowa caucuses, last night was “an astonishing achievement” for Bernie Sanders, Monica Crowley said this morning.

“Just 12 months ago, Mrs. Clinton was leading Bernie Sanders by a whopping 50 points,” Crowley said on America’s Newsroom.

Despite Clinton’s status as “a national figure for 25 or 30 years … Bernie Sanders fought her to a draw,” said Crowley.

“She just had a political near-death experience, which was not predicted by anybody.”

Clinton is also significantly trailing the Vermont senator in his neighboring state of New Hampshire, where the two will face off again next week, Crowley pointed out.

“So he will clobber her in a week,” she predicted.

“I think it’s put a real scare into this campaign. I think it puts blood in the water, not just from Bernie Sanders, but with this looming FBI investigation hanging over her head.”

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