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Trump Slams 'Unfair' Media Coverage of Iowa Caucus Loss

Marco Rubio said on "The Kelly File" tonight that he didn't get into the presidential race to fight with other Republicans, but instead to reverse the direction the country has been heading in for the last seven years.

He was asked about new comments from Chris Christie, who referred to him as "the boy in the bubble" at a New Hampshire campaign stop.

The New Jersey governor told reporters that Rubio is "constantly scripted and controlled" and never answers questions. 

Rubio denied that characterization, saying he answers tough questions all the time, including at last week's debate.

"Chris didn't perform very well in Iowa. Sometimes when people get disappointed, they react poorly," he said, adding that this election is about nominating "a real conservative [who] will unify the party."

He reiterated that Hillary Clinton must not become president, and that's what matters and that's why there must be a sense of urgency in this election.

He said that he's the one Republican candidate who can beat Clinton, and that's why her campaign is afraid of him.

"Hillary Clinton attacks me five times for every one time that someone else is attacked," Rubio said. "They know that if I'm our nominee, we're going to win."

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