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Disturbing video appears to show a Florida daycare director repeatedly hitting a 4-year-old boy and beating him with stuffed animals.

Police have arrested Kimberly Reid, who worked at the Children’s Palace Learning Center in Clermont and is accused of being rough with kids for weeks.

Footage above shows the childcare director picking the boy up and dropping him from several feet to the ground.

“Very disturbing video to watch,” said Police Officer Erin Razo.

“It looks like he was laying on a children's mat, like for naptime, and she walked over and was striking him several times with stuffed animals.”

Another worker recorded the scene and turned it over to police.

In addition to these allegations, Reid is a convicted felon, Fox 35 reports. Court records reveal that she previously pleaded guilty to charges ranging from grand theft to welfare fraud.

Reid told police she was just roughhousing with the boy and didn’t think she was doing anything inappropriate.

Watch more, above.

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