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After a strong second place finish in Iowa, Donald Trump is now focusing his attention on New Hampshire, where he's leading by a wide margin in the polls.

On Hannity tonight, Trump said he was satisfied with the results considering how little he spent on the campaign.

"I did well in Iowa, I came in second. And I spent less than anybody else. And you have to be given a little credit for that," he said.

Trump admitted that skipping last Thursday's debate on Fox News might have helped his opponents.

"Some people thought the debate, you know, not doing the debate, might have been a positive for my opponents, but actually I raised $6 million for the vets by not doing the debate so I'm really happy about that."

Trump said doing the veterans event instead "probably" hurt him in the end. He told supporters Tuesday in N.H. that he believed some Iowans "were disappointed that I didn't go into the debate."

Polls showed that 55% of late-deciding voters opted for Cruz or Rubio over Trump.

Trump also pondered why the press is saying Sen. Marco Rubio had a good night when he came in third.

"And they’re saying he had this unbelievable evening and by the way, I came in ahead of him by over two thousand votes—that’s a lot of votes."

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