Crowley: Hillary 'Just Had a Political Near-Death Experience' in Iowa

Trump Slams 'Unfair' Media Coverage of Iowa Caucus Loss

Donald Trump came in second place to Ted Cruz at the Iowa Republican caucus, and it may have been because he no-showed the Fox News-Google GOP debate last Thursday.

Bill O'Reilly pointed out tonight on "The Factor" that polls showed that 30 percent of Iowa voters were undecided going into the last weekend, so when Trump didn't show up, a lot of those voters took a closer look at Cruz and Marco Rubio.

"It was an incredible blunder for him not to show up at that debate, and give Rubio and Cruz all that air time," O'Reilly said. "That was the blunder."

Andrea Tantaros agreed that Trump's debate no-show was a factor in his surprising second-place finish, but she said it wasn't the only factor.

She noted, however, that Trump got the most votes in the history of an Iowa caucus, except for Ted Cruz.

She added that non-establishment candidates Ted Cruz and Trump coming in first and second place is a sharp rebuke to the GOP establishment.

Watch the "Factor" discussion above.

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