Camouflage in Action: Can You Spot the Cheetah in This Photo?

Meet 'Worried Cat,' the Newest Internet Sensation!

Is that a polar bear cub or a puppy?

People looking at this photo of a fluffy white animal taken in the small Eastern European country of Moldova can’t decide.

The caption, by AP photographer Vadim Ghirda, clears up the mystery:

“A small dog is reflected in a puddle formed by melting ice while eating a fish it snatched from a fisherman on a lake in Cimiseni, Moldova, Friday, Jan. 29, 2016.

Moldovans took advantage of the little time left before the ice becomes too thin, due to warmer than usual weather, to ice fish.”

So it’s a dog.

But, surprisingly, this isn’t the first time such photos had people stumped:


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