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Billionaire Shark Tank investor Mark Cuban praised Donald Trump's leadership compared to the other 2016 candidates during an interview on Your World.

"The thing about Trump is--whether you like him or not--he comes across as being strong...as being a leader," Cuban said. "There's something to be said that someone who gets buildings with his name built, someone who's been successful in business, is able to accomplish things."

Cuban said that no candidate on either side can point to any accomplishments "other than this bill or that bill passed or stopped."

He also said that none of the candidates have made any proposals that are realistic, which gives Trump the advantage because of his simple, forceful communication style.

"You may not like what he says but the way he says it is forceful and powerful and will get people's attention."

Cuban also said that the reason he doesn't like Ted Cruz is because the Texas senator attaches "labels" to everything.

Watch the full phone interview above.

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