Updates: Sanders Picking Up 91% of Young Dem Vote in Iowa, Data Shows

Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Photos: Bret, Megyn, Greta, Bill & Martha in Iowa

The 2016 presidential nomination process officially got underway tonight, and Ted Cruz was the big winner.

In first-in-the-nation caucuses in Iowa, Hawkeye State voters chose Cruz over the other leading GOP candidates, Donald Trump and Marco Rubio.

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10:57p ET: After coming in second place to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz at the Republican Iowa caucus, Donald Trump spoke to his supporters at his campaign headquarters in West Des Moines, Iowa.

10:50p ET: Marco Rubio thanked his supporters after placing third in the Iowa GOP caucus, saying, "We're not waiting any longer to take our country back."

10:30p ET: Fox News has projected that Ted Cruz won the Republican Iowa caucuses.

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10:20p ET: With 99 percent of the raw vote in, Ted Cruz leads Donald Trump 28 percent to 24 percent. Marco Rubio is gaining ground on Trump with 23 percent. No other candidate has double digits.

10:01p ET: Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly said reports indicate that more than 170,000 Republican voters turned out for the Iowa caucuses.

9:53p ET: With 75 percent of the raw vote tabulated, Ted Cruz remains in the lead at 28 percent. Donald Trump is several thousand votes behind at 25 percent, with Marco Rubio another several thousand back at 22 percent.

9:36p ET: According to the latest returns, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are still in a virtual dead heat, with Marco Rubio gaining ground in third place.

9:29p ET: Karl Rove said that early returns would point to at least 130,000 Iowans turning out to vote. He said it could even be a record turnout of 150,000 or more.

He said that doesn't necessarily favor Donald Trump - as some analysts previously forecasted - but instead whichever candidate is actually getting those voters to show up.

9:15p ET: As results continue to come in, the race remains tight between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, with Marco Rubio in third place.

9:03p ET: With approximately five percent of the results in, Ted Cruz has a slight lead over Donald Trump, 30 percent to 29. Marco Rubio is in third place with 18 percent.

9:00p ET: Donald Trump made a last minute pitch to caucus-goers in Clive, Iowa:

8:47p ET: Early results show Donald Trump with a slight edge over Ted Cruz:

8:45p ET: Dr. Ben Carson addressed a crowd of voters at one of the Iowa caucus sites, encouraging people to embrace the phrase "in God we trust" and to live by "godly principles":

8:35p ET: Martha MacCallum revealed more interesting numbers from the Fox News Iowa caucus entrance poll.

Among evangelical Christians, Ted Cruz polled the best at 26 percent, followed by Donald Trump at 24 percent, Marco Rubio at 21 and Ben Carson at 12.

As for first-time voters, Trump led the way with 33 percent, Rubio came in second with 21 percent, followed by Cruz at 18 and Carson at ten.

8:19p ET: John Roberts reported from the Donald Trump campaign headquarters in Iowa that he spoke to several young voters who had never caucused before.

Those voters said that they were determined to come out and vote for Trump because "he is the only politician they have seen who's ever energized them."

8:06p ET: Martha MacCallum joined Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly on America's Election Headquarters to reveal the results from the Fox News entrance poll:

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