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A vote for Bernie Sanders is a vote for the "cruel doctrine" of socialism, Greg Gutfeld said on "The Five" today.

He said that Sanders has been able to gain so much momentum in the 2016 race because "socialists put a blindfold on history."

Gutfeld explained that socialism's denial of progress - and the resulting mess it's made in countries like Cuba, El Salvador and Venezuela - isn't just wrong, it's dangerous.

"It's one step shy of radical Islam, rejecting innovation for medieval failure," Gutfeld said. "It's hard enough to craft policies for the unknown - whether it's terror or war - so why are we embracing the evil of the known like socialism?"

He argued that socialism is a maggot on the marketplace: It can't create, but only take through wealth confiscation, while failing to generate money or incentive.

"It kills growth because it crushes opportunity. Sure, Sanders seems like a really nice guy. But a vote for him isn't a vote for a kind man, but a cruel doctrine that sticks to the planet's shoe like toilet paper from the world's worst restroom."

Watch the "Five" co-hosts discuss above.

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