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Hands down, this is the cutest video of the day right here...

A Utah couple has shared some precious video of their 14-month-old daughter's first time out on the slopes. 

Watch as little Sloan Henderson cruises like a natural, with mom and dad cheering her on. 

“Yes, Sloan. You’re cruising, babe,” said her dad, Zach Henderson, in the video. “You’re cruising. You’re a boarder.”

Sloan then served up a heart-melting high-five to dad.

Sloan used a small, modified snowboard so that her feet would be the correct width apart. 

Zach said that he and his wife, both snowboarders, taught Sloan on the carpet in their home and then in the backyard before the real thing at Park City Mountain Resort last week.

They said that Sloan usually wears a helmet for safety.

Watch Sloan's awesome snowboarding above and read more, here.

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