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Ben & Jerry’s co-founder Ben Cohen joined Neil Cavuto today to explain why he believes the rich need to pay more in taxes and why he supports Bernie Sanders.

Cohen said that they created a new flavor of ice cream, "Bernie's Yearning," to draw attention to income inequality.

He explained that the ice cream comes with a solid disk of chocolate on top, which represents the majority of the financial gains since the recession, which have gone to the top 1 percent. Below that is plain mint ice cream.

"The way you eat it is you take your soup spoon and you whack that chocolate disk up into a bunch of pieces," Cohen said.

He said that Sanders' momentum in the 2016 presidential race can be attributed to the fact that people are tired of typical politicians and political speak.

"They want someone who's real and authentic and is saying what they truly believe," Cohen said.

He argued that the system is rigged against average Americans by politicians, who are bought and sold by giant corporations.

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