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The mother of a four-month-old was convinced something was wrong with her iPhone's camera.

Whenever Andrea Temarantz took a picture of Ryder using a flash, the photo would show a soft white glow in his left eye.

But when the same thing happened with a different camera, she took Ryder to a doctor, and it turned out he had a rare case of eye cancer.

Ryder also has Down syndrome, although the conditions are not related.

Because they caught the tumor early, doctors are giving Ryder a 99 percent chance of recovery! He'll also likely keep vision his left eye.

Andrea told Fox and Friends Weekend that things could have turned out very differently had they not caught the cancer early.

"We can only imagine with most children not being diagnosed until 12-18 months how that could have progressed very fast," she said. "He's only four months old, so who knows where we'd be at in a year."

You can help support Baby Ryder and his family by going here.

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