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The family of a fallen United States Marine has written a letter of appreciation to the town of Hingham, Massachusetts for their flood of support upon returning home.

Corporal Christopher Orlando of Hingham was among 12 service members who died in two U.S. Marine helicopter crashes off the coast of Hawaii earlier this month during a training mission.

He was 23 years old.



Orlando’s family attended a memorial for the 12 Marines at the Marine Corps Base in Hawaii, and returned to Hingham on Tuesday night.

When they arrived back in their hometown, “the show of support from our family, friends and community was beyond words,” said Richard and Linda Orlando.




The parents were escorted home by local and state police. And on the streets, everyone from local officers to firefighters to veterans to ordinary citizens gathered to show their support, Fox 25 reported.

“The people of all ages who lined the streets holding flags and signs of support in silence and respect for Christopher and us will be etched in our minds forever,” wrote the Orlandos.

“More importantly, the show of patriotism and gratitude honored, and continues to honor, Christopher, his fellow Marines, and all those who protect and serve the citizens of this country.”

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