GOP Debate Highlights: Candidates Face Off Before Iowa Caucuses

Who Won Tonight's Fox News-Google GOP Debate in Iowa?

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Jeb Bush sat down with Sean hot off the stage tonight in Des Moines, Iowa, praising the latest GOP debate and saying that each one has progressively “gotten better.”

Asked if he feels more comfortable with every Republican debate, the former Florida governor answered, “When the debate is about substance, I do better.”

“These debates have gotten better, each and every one,” he said.

As he had earlier done in the primetime debate, Bush pushed back on his image as the ultimate “establishment candidate,” saying that while he “can’t hide” from his family ties, he has a record of fighting against the norm in his home state.

“You know, when I got a chance to serve, I was a disrupter,” he said. “I turned the whole place upside down in Tallahassee. And having that experience is essential.”

Bush also added that he had “kinda missed the Donald” tonight.

“It would have been fun to have him on the stage. We’ve had our give and take,” he said.

“I’m getting better at going after him a little bit.”

Watch more above, and catch up on the debate’s must-see highlights, here.

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