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WATCH: Megyn Grills Cruz & Rubio on Past Statements on Illegal Immigration

After challenging the Texas senator on a few of his past statements on illegal immigration, Megyn Kelly sat down with Ted Cruz following the Fox News GOP debate in Iowa.

Playing his past remarks during the debate, she specifically called out the fact that Cruz appeared to have supported illegal immigrants gaining a "legal status" but not citizenship. 

She said that Cruz has recently argued, however, that he never supported legalization. 

Cruz said he introduced a series of amendments to a 1,000-page bill and maintained that he never supported any amnesty.

On a post-debate Kelly File, Megyn noted that Cruz said he wanted the bill, which contained a path to legal status, to pass. 

Cruz disputed that, saying he wanted "immigration reform to pass" but not the bill that was on the table. 

He said he has laid out on his website a very detailed 11-page immigration plan that he wants to pass. 

Cruz said his statements at that time were during a debate with Chuck Schumer and the Democrats, who wanted citizenship or no bill. 

Watch the full sit-down above.

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