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Strangers chained together to pull a truck driver to safety after he wiped out on a Pennsylvania highway and was left in a precarious position.

The truck driver lost control on the icy road and took out half a mile of guardrail.

The semi-trailer slid to a stop with the cabin angling down a very steep drop-off and the driver trapped inside.

Within seconds, a group of other motorists -- all strangers -- sprang to action and locked arms, forming an anchor that allowed them to reach the driver and pull him up.

Fellow trucker Arlyn Satanek photographed the extraordinary moment.

"I decided I knew they had him, and I wanted to get a picture, I want to remember this," he told WTAE Pittsburgh.

"I don’t know any of their names, what their faces looked like," he said. "I can only say they made a terrible situation a little bit better by helping someone out that was really in need."

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