UPDATE, 6p ET: The sonic boom came from one F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, a defense official told Fox News. The jet was conducting flight tests up the East Coast from a Naval Air Station in Maryland.

The U.S. Geological Survey confirmed that a sonic boom occurred over New Jersey this afternoon

Witnesses reported houses rattling and the ground shaking all the way up to New York. Many took to social media to report that an earthquake had struck. 

The sonic boom, which centered in Hammonton in southern New Jersey, remains unexplained. 

Peter Doocy reported this afternoon that McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey had no explanation.

NORAD said there was no earthquake, but confirmed the sonic boom.

A sonic boom is a thunderous sound that occurs when an airplane or aerospace vehicle flies faster than the speed of sound, according to NASA.

The FAA said it was not tracking any supersonic aircraft.

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