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A heroic elementary school principal who pushed her students back to safety before being hit and killed by an oncoming school bus will be laid to rest this weekend.

The tragic incident took place on Tuesday afternoon, when a bus reportedly lurched over the curb and killed Principal Susan Jordan and also seriously injured two 10-year-old children.

Jordan had served as principal of Amy Beverland Elementary School for more than two decades.

The principal is said to have been a revered leader in the local community.

Superintendent Shawn Smith called Jordan “a legend in education,” while some parents even told Fox 59 that they had specifically moved their kids to the district just to be enrolled at her school.

“It was for all the good things we had heard about Principal Jordan and everything that was going on (there),” one father, Adam Baker, said.

Police are still investigating what caused Tuesday’s tragedy.

Meanwhile, Jordan’s family has requested that donations be made to the school foundation’s Susan Jordan Memorial Fund, or to the Make A-Wish Foundation.

And as the students and teachers of Amy Beverland continue to honor their beloved principal, a touching video tribute they compiled last year has come to light.

Watch the video below, and read more at Fox 59, here.


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