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Bridgette Boudreaux has found an unusual way to look back on her fond memories of breast feeding her son.

The young mom has turned her own breast milk into an online jewelry business available to women all over the globe, calling breast feeding “an amazing time in my life.”

“When I touch my jewelry it brings a piece of calm over me,” Boudreaux told FOX 26 in an interview.

The business owner says she also customizes pieces for women who want to use their own breast milk.

“For a lot of women, breast feeding is a struggle that they’ve overcome,” she added. “They really want to wear it proudly, and say, ‘I did this.’”

And although most people initially seem grossed out, the entrepreneur said she actually loves seeing people’s reactions to her jewelry.

“You can really see the confusion on their face,” she said.  “And I’ll say, ‘Oh, well this is a piece I’m wearing right here.’ And they’re like, ‘I had no idea!’”

It hasn’t always been easy.

To find “the perfect additive” to preserve the milk, said Boudreaux, she had to experiment for about a year.

“I had ones from when I started, that started to turn brown or yellow,” she explained. “So I really needed to combat that.”

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