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A father of four daughters was so happy he was having a son that he fainted.

The hilarious reaction happened during a gender reveal party, where families make an event out of learning whether they'll have a boy or girl.

The gender of the baby was revealed to expectant parents Julio and Kari Pena when they cut into the cake.

When they saw that the frosting was blue, indicating a boy, everyone started screaming, and Julio dropped to the floor unconscious.

"I've been waiting for this for a long time. For a boy," he told ABC News. "They had to sit me down in the sofa and I couldn't say anything. I was like in shock."

Jan. 30, 2016 // 10:45am

UPDATE: The Pena family appeared on Fox and Friends Weekend today to share their great story.

Julio said that when he first cut into the cake, he didn't believe what he was seeing.

"And when I seen [sic] the color, that's when my reaction just went blank. ... I just collapsed."

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