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Pete Hegseth returned to the Baltimore VA hospital a year and a half after he spoke to vets who were frustrated with the treatment they received.

He found that despite assurances by the VA that improvements have been made to staffing and services, most vets haven't seen a difference. They continue to experience problems with long wait times, a lack of accountability, and insensitive bureaucracy.

Here's what some of them had to say.

 "Everything's slower. Stuff speeded up for like a month or two. Now, it's back to being worse than it was a year ago."

"From this past September til now, I've been down here 14 times. And I keep getting the same...everytime I come down, nothing gets done.

"lf I was dying or I had some real serious illness...and it takes me 16 months [to get an appointment with my primary care physician], by the time I see the physician they're putting flowers on my grave."

Watch more on-the-street reactions from veterans in the video above.

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