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The Pentagon is saying it may take decades until an American presence is no longer needed in Afghanistan.

On America's Newsroom, Lt. Col. Ralph Peters sounded a pessimistic tone, saying the U.S. won't be withdrawing troops anytime soon because "we keep lying to ourselves...about the enemy."

"We're faced with this malignant cancer of Islamist terrorism, and told ourselves it's just a skin rash."

He continued: "The answer we do not want to hear is: This is about religion, at least about the terrorists' interpretation of Islam. And there is no force more powerful in history than fanatical zealotry in religion. ... It's about men who believe they're on a mission from God while our side is corrupt."

Peters said that there are no easy answers for dealing with Islamic terrorism in its current, near-global form. But he said the U.S. should cut funding to the Afghan government and focus solely on killing terrorists.

Watch the full interview above.

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