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A Georgia couple says people keep showing up to their home inquiring about their missing cell phone. 

Christina Lee and Michael Saba believe a glitch in tracking software, like the popular "Find My Phone" app, may be the cause, but authorities have been unable to pinpoint the problem. 

They say in the past year about 25 people have shown up at their door believing their lost or stolen cell phone was there.

The couple has talked to T-Mobile, which operates the cell phone tower closest to their house, and plans to file a complaint with the FCC.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported:

Lee and Saba have tried different remedies to solve their problem. They have reset their router to its factory settings, changed the router’s broadcast frequency, updated the encryption and registered their wi-fi with Skyhook — a location service — to improve their geographic accuracy.

Theories abound among experts as to what’s happening. The problem could be a cell tower glitch, inaccurate information in the locator databases or an actual thief living nearby who is “spoofing,” or directing locators to the couple’s home.

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