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Dana Loesch said on "The Kelly File" tonight that both Hillary Clinton's reputation and presidential campaign have been hurt by her constantly changing narrative in her private email server scandal.

Loesch noted that Clinton has gone back and forth on whether having the server was a mistake or not.

"It was more than a mistake," Loesch said. "What she was doing, other people have been charged for lesser offenses. What she did was illegal."

Loesch said there are reports that the FBI has enough evidence to indict Clinton, but it remains to be seen if Attorney General Loretta Lynch will follow through.

Even if not, Clinton has been hurt by the email scandal, Loesch said, pointing out that a recent Quinnipiac poll found the word most associated with Clinton was "liar."

"Her story has changed six ways to Sunday," Loesch said. "Her story changes quite frequently."

"This doesn't help her case at all. It doesn't help her campaign. And it doesn't help her actually stay on the other side of the [prison] bars."

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