Donald Trump Says He Will Not Participate in Thursday's GOP Debate

Cruz Reacts to Trump Skipping Thursday's GOP Debate

Influential Iowa "kingmaker" Bob Vander Plaats responded on Your World this afternoon to Donald Trump’s recent Twitter attacks on him.

The GOP presidential front-runner posted the following yesterday among several other tweets:



“Why doesn’t Donald Trump come clean and say all the times he’s invited me to be there and make sure that I stay at his hotel, so that he can lavish his friendship on me?” Vander Plaats responded.

“He’s used to giving all these politicians money, and they do exactly what he tells them to do,” he added. “Hillary Clinton even goes to his third wedding.”

Vander Plaats said that the two “had a fair and level playing field” until he decided to endorse Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. The evangelical leader is now the national co-chair of Cruz for President.

“I don’t give him my endorsement, so all of a sudden, the friendship has got strings attached,” said Vander Plaats.

“He has a history of this,” he added.

“When Donald Trump slipped in the polls in Iowa, and Ted Cruz overtook him … his first comment was, ‘Are the people of Iowa stupid?’”

“So if you’re not with Donald Trump, he is definitely against you.”

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