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Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump joined Bill O'Reilly tonight to discuss his decision to skip Thursday’s Fox News-Google GOP debate.

The event will take place in Des Moines, Iowa, and would mark the first GOP presidential primary debate that Trump has not attended.

O'Reilly noted that Trump has complained about his poor treatment at the hands of Fox News. "The Factor" host pointed out that Newt Gingrich was treated much worse during a CNN debate during the 2012 election, when moderator John King asked a question about a he said-she said controversy between Gingrich and his ex-wife.

O'Reilly said that Gingrich's blistering response to the "tawdry, disrespectful" question gained him a lot of respect and showed voters that he could meet a challenge head-on.

He said that Trump, much like Gingrich, could gain a lot by facing tough questions.

O'Reilly pointed out that in Trump's Christian faith, there is a major emphasis on forgiveness.

"I think you should forgive not only journalists who come at you in ways you don't like, but I think you should be the bigger man," O'Reilly said, encouraging Trump to refrain from taking drastic action - such as skipping the debate - in the face of perceived slights.

"Don't you think that's the right thing to do?"

"It probably is," Trump replied. "But it's called an eye for an eye, I guess. Also, you can look at it that way."

O'Reilly pointed out that if Trump becomes president, he's going to have to face Russian President Vladimir Putin, Iranian mullahs, terrorist groups and more.

"The Factor" host asserted that walking away from the debate sends the wrong message, and Trump should focus on the more important goal of getting his message out to the American voters.

"I'm not walking away," Trump said. "I was pushed away."

O'Reilly said he just wants Trump to consider attending the debate.

"Forgive, go forward, answer the questions, look out for the folks," O'Reilly said. "Just want you to consider it."

Watch highlights from the "Factor" interview above.

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