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Just one day before the Fox News-Google GOP debates, Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson joined Maria Bartiromo to discuss his tax plan, his ISIS strategy and his expectations for tomorrow's big debate.

Carson said that voters have expressed to him that they are extremely concerned about the financial welfare of our country, which is why he promotes a 14.9 percent flat tax.

"What you need if you really want growth is an atmosphere that encourages entrepreneurial risk-taking and capital investment – those are the fuels for the most powerful economic engine the world has ever known," he explained.

Another major issue that keeps coming up on the campaign trail is national security, particularly the threat of ISIS, Carson said.

"We have to be willing to call radical Islamic jihadists what they are," he stated. "We have to be able to attack their caliphate and not allow them to spread that caliphate."

Carson told Maria that he would accomplish that by giving the military the resources they need, and then go about depriving ISIS of their economic resources.

As for the final GOP debate before the much-anticipated Iowa caucuses, Carson said he plans on getting "more aggressive" than past debates.

"We're not going to hit anybody with anything, but believe me, we're going to be talking about what we believe in."

He explained that he's happy for the chance to reach millions of Americans, but he would prefer a different forum where individual candidates got more uninterrupted time to share their policy positions.

"What we've fashioned is really sort of a game," Carson said. "Who can get a sound bite out in 30 seconds or 60 seconds, something that experienced politicians are really good at?"

"We have to stop playing games."

Watch the "Mornings With Maria" interview in the clips above and below. Plus, be sure to tune in to the Fox News-Google GOP debates Thursday, January 28 on Fox News Channel! The first debate kicks off at 7:00pm ET and the second debate follows at 9:00pm.

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